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“If you’re looking for high quality and personal service, you’ve come to the right place. At Nurturing Chefs LA we’ll give you the attention and personal service you’ll come
to expect and enjoy.”

Cheryl Tate  Head Chef of Nurturing Chefs LA

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“At Nurturing Chefs LA, our attentive staff is available to answer your questions and ensure you are 100% satisfied.”

Personal Chef

Save your precious time, pamper yourself, and still follow your special diet.  Let us handle everything from the grocery shopping to meal preparation.

Private Dinner Parties

If you are entertaining a group of your co-workers, friends, or family, our catering will free you up to be the gracious host for your private dinner while serving your custom menu.

Private Cooking Classes

Learning to cook is fun and entertaining. Our cooking classes are tailored for group size and taste preferences. We work with you on theme, budget, shopping, and menu.

Nurturing Chef Online Store

Our online store carries awesome natural products to promote health and wellness. We use everything we sell regularly and enjoy all wonderful benefits of each item.

“We Give You Your Time Back”

An average of 7-10 hours per week!!

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Meals Served
Private Dinner Parties and Events

When it comes to creativity, professionalism, presentation, and taste Chef Cheryl is AMAZING I highly recommend her for your private chef and catering needs.

Zhe Scott, Marketing Executive

I am so blessed to have met Chef Cheryl. My son had strep throat three years straight. I gave him the daily elixir and no more strep throat. Once hiring her to come in my home and cook for me my A!C numbers decreased. Now Chef Cheryl I need to become consistent again. You are the miracle medicine for the Hamilton family.

Sandi Hamilton, Community Center Director: County of Los Angeles

Over the past ten years, I've struggled with finding a personalized healthy way of eating and living. Chef Cheryl has been a beacon of light not for just healthy eating but healthy living. The suggestion of the Himalayan salt lamps to create more positive ions have helped to reduce my anxiety which helps reduce my blood pressure.

Christanne FustonNational Bank Chain Branch Manager

Personal Chef

Chef Cheryl is adept at saving the precious time for affluent professionals and seniors who want to be pampered and follow special diets. We do everything from the grocery shopping to the meal preparation. Fresh and Healthy meals like you would make if you had the time.

Menu Planning

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with your meals. This is why it is good to have Personal Chef Cheryl to bounce meal ideas off of and help you save time cooking and grocery shopping.

Everyday Elixir

Our newest creation: a juice combination of natural ingredients and spices blended with good intentions. You should do it Everyday…

Personal Consultation

Want to eat healthy but not sure how? Chef Cheryl can help you develop a plan that works for your lifestyle and eliminate time you spend grocery shopping and cooking.

Private Cooking Classes

Cooking classes with Chef Cheryl are fun. Depending on the nature of the class, normally students prefer the equipment they already utilize in their kitchen. However, we can bring any necessary equipment if required.

Himalayan Salt lamps

Great for everywhere there are electronic devices in the home. Salt lamps are natural EMF protection by emitting negative ions into the air. Great for respiratory ailments and allergies. Always happy clients. Never an unsatisfied customer!

Food Packing and Storage

We don’t do meal prep, but we will cook your week’s menu in your kitchen and pack it away for easy reheating and serving. We will also cook for your special diet.

Personalized Shopping

Whether you want a customized meal for daily dining or a specific menu for your private event or dinner party, we will do your shopping for you.

Shea Butter/Black Soap

Natural ingredients for your skin from
the Motherland, Shea Butter from Ghana has been around hundreds of years as a head to toe moisturizer. Black Soap is great for acne and oily skin, a household staple. Both products are a great regimen for healthy skin!s

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