Focus on the WIN: What's Important Now. I bring this same , Focus, Healing and Action to my cooking. I season it with MUCH LOVE when I enter your home.

Owner of Nurturing Chefs LA & Luv Muffins LA

Chef Cheryl Tate is a 4th generation Angeleno growing up in the South LA area. Her father, uncles, grandfather, and great grandfather were all Pullman Porters. A rich legacy of foodservice and hospitality has given Chef Tate the “people edge” as both sides of her family are steeped in service to the community on many sectors. Food and family were the core of her upbringing with a large family and close neighborhood ties.

A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts, the Chef has a Classically trained background in food knowledge and preparation. An internship at Mattel Toys in El Segundo, CA introduced her to enormous corporate kitchen structure and family clientele. The experience needed to discern personal professionalism along with office politics was learned under Chef Abram Dylan Regan. The commercial kitchen/restaurants were not the intended path, as the Private/Personal Chef was the goal working closely with the client.

Personal Chef Services is the center of out work. A Personal Chef can save you 6-10 hours a week, time you can spend not worrying about “what’s for dinner?” Affluent seniors, Executives, Industry moguls are some of our clientele. And plain folk who want to eat good and see it as a necessity. We work with any diet from Vegan to allergy restrictions to Dr. Sebi protocols, we do it all.

Community service is at the core of our business, the Chef has partnered with organizations throughout the area teaching healthy eating to the community. The Chef has with such organizations as UMMA Clinic, The County of Los Angeles, My Friends House, Rites of Passage at Faithful Central Bible Church, Friends of the Children, USC and UCLA to name a few.

Baking has always been a lifelong passion for the Chef, from baking with friends from grade school to offering classic desserts. We use healthy ingredients like raw sugar and whole wheat flour in all our baked goods. We do a version of 7 up cake pound cake that we call Orange Ginger ale, swapping the lemon and 7 up with orange juice and ginger ale. Impressive. Lemon bars, Luv Muffins, Banana Pudding, and cobblers are special order items. Please call within 48 hours.

Everyday Elixir is an extension of the Nurturing Chefs LA brand. This great tasting daily blend the chef has been making friends and family for many years is now ready to share with LA and beyond!! Good intentions and great ingredients make it your go to drink everyday…